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Spanish is one of the most important languages of international business. Spoken by over 300 million people worldwide including Latin America and Europe, it is a language of trade, diplomacy and culture. If you want to do business in Latin America, it is a must. Our experienced teacherswill give classes wherever and whenever you want, with all course content tailored to your personal needs.

Aimed at professionals of all levels. Our business Spanish language courses are tailor-made (4 lessons in a group + 2 private lessons) to individual learning needs, to give the confidence to improve your Spanish language fluency at work.


  • Spanish lessons for business, while recommended for advanced learners may be taken by beginner students of Spanish who wish to orientate their learning process extending specific business vocabulary and achieving a higher command of the Spanish language at work.
  • Business Spanish lessons help improve your professional opportunities in Spain and Spanish American countries
  • Our Spanish for business lessons and courses in teach you to communicate in Spanish business situations. Learning how to conduct business in Hispanic countries is helpful to any student or professional interested in the Spanish language and in the various cultures of the Hispanic world.

BusinessSpanishCourse2Discover a new aspect of the Spanish language- spanish as it is used in the business world. In this course students will look at the formal language that is used in meetings, business environments and work-contracts.This course is designed to increase your knowledge on topics such as administration, sales, diplomacy, financial matters and tourism. Classes are held every week at any time of the year.

You would also learn how to talk in Spanish in your job, how to answer the phone/make phone calls/send emails/introduce yourself etc in a businesslike way, as well as learn about the business practices and culture of Spain and Latin American countries.

The goal is to learn how to correctly structure sentences, how to define business concepts and how to speak and write Spanish as it is used in the business world. Some examples of topics covered on this course are: general business correspondence, discussion of business topics, negotiations, role-plays in business situations, learning how to create a company in Mexico, commercial law and the position of Mexico in the international market.

BusinessSpanishCourse3This course is ideal for those who wish to work in an environment that involves Spanish speakers, such as people working in banking, insurance and the import/export sector. Spanish has become one of the most important world economic languages, which is no surprise considering that world-wide there are approximately 500 million people who speak Spanish and that many Spanish-speaking countries have experienced major economic development in the past few years, increasing their importance on international markets.


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